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Substance abuse has been a major problem in many parts of the world. While there are variations in the substances abused, every part of the world is reeling from the problem. In recent times, there has been a shift from abuse of illicit drugs to the abuse of prescription drugs and substances that may be considered relatively safe.

This may be attributed to a number of factors, such as availability of prescription drugs, low cost, and that most of them come with high habit-forming potential. This does not undermine the fact that most have the ability to induce euphoria, appealing to recreational users. It is for this reason that many people abuse illegal substances and alcohol.

Substance abuse is characterized by the lack of control of one’s consumption of drugs. In most cases, the individual abuses substances as a way of assuaging or preventing the withdrawal symptoms that come with cessation of consumption.

Intervention Treatment

In this case, the individual would take these substances not for the initial purposes, but to cater for withdrawal symptoms. Many times individuals want to quit taking substances more so in moments of clarity, but fail to, thanks to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. With intervention treatment, however, the addict would be in a position to make a conscious and informed decision to stop the consumption of substances.

The main purpose of intervention treatment is to allow the addict to face reality, but in manner that does not seem confrontational. The abuser is made to acknowledge how serious the choices he or she makes are in a concise form. As you may acknowledge, intervention treatment is best carried out by specialists who would direct the course of the conversation.

In most cases, abusers have a blind eye on the effects of their actions on others, more so their loved ones. They will draw comparison with friends they consider to be in a worse position. The decisions they make may keep them from their loved ones, leading to a break in relationships. Intervention treatment is aimed at helping individuals look at addiction from his or her loved ones’ perspectives.

In most cases, the loved ones may not want to pressure the addict so that he or she feels attacked, since it only drives him or her deeper into addiction. However, it is an effort to let the addict pique at what effects their actions have on their loved ones.

When done correctly, intervention eliminates the desperation that the individual may have and set him or her on the road to recovery. One thing that is that the success of intervention treatment is not felt immediately. However, with appropriate support from loved ones, he or she gains the resolve to go through treatment, more so after pain and withdrawal symptoms wear off.

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