Signs That Intervention Treatment Is Needed

Knowing the signs that will help you know that your loved one requires an intervention is essential to avoid them reaching rock bottom, which may prove hard to recover. You should always expect that your loved ones will be in denial of the drug or alcohol abuse in early stages by doing all they can to suppress the truth from coming out. The following are the main signs that intervention treatment is required:

Enhanced Tolerance – When you realize that your loved one is taking more of a drug. Doctor shopping and supplementing regular supplies of the drug from the black market is common. For prescription substances, severe withdrawal effects often make patients continue using drugs past the recommended time. Intervention is required to help the patient realize the destruction they are involved in and so that they may stop abusing the substance.

Signs That Intervention Treatment Is Needed

Secretive Behavior – Addicts will try as much as possible to cover up the problem and will not accept that they have serious issues. For instance, if they are abusing alcohol, they hide the bottles in places their loved ones will not discover. For addictive prescription drugs, they may be stored in unmarked bottles to prevent anyone from discovering they have problems.

Irresponsibility – Intervention is required when the problem escalates to making the patient irresponsible. A smart and sharp person deteriorates to just-rolled-out-bed condition. Clothes become disheveled while beards and hair may deteriorate to extreme levels. The appearance of an individual starts changing for the worse. Women will try to hide this problem through application of excessive make up.

Poor Memory – When you discover that the patient has problems remembering things they said or did, this should be suitable warning that they will require intervention treatment. When you mention to individuals about something, they appear utterly baffled since they have hazy memory, indicating that use of substance has escalated to dangerous levels.

Financial Problems – You should be warned if you realize that an individual cannot manage their finances. In the initial stages, the addicts will manage to make their friends carry their burden, but over time will be overcome by the financial requirements, making them resolve in crime and other maladjusted behaviors. In worst cases, neglecting family needs and personal responsibilities such as paying rent becomes normal issues.

Don’t-Care Attitude – When you realize that your loved one has developed indifferent attitudes so that they don’t care even when their loved ones are in danger, they could be using substances. In worst cases, you may realize that patients are engaged in risky behaviors that may put them and others at risk, these are signs that substance abuse has graduated to extreme levels that need to be addressed well in advance before it escalates to dangerous levels.

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